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here are all kinds of small food shops and delicatessens near Les Trois Palmes selling excellent produce from the region and beyond and making shopping more of an exploration than a chore.

Also well worth browsing are the multitude of antique and art shops, often hidden away in the narrow streets.

You are also quite likely to stumble across street markets selling anything from bric-a-brac and craft to antiques and clothes.

The 'bread test' - stuff for breakfast

If you like to be the one to go out to get the bread and croissants for breakfast, along with various things to go with them, you will be in heaven. (If not, you should try it!) Within two to three minutes walk of Les Trois Palmes there are at least five boulangeries, so you certainly have quite a choice!

The boulangerie at the end of the street - click for larger view
Boulangerie just down the street...

The nearest (turn right out of the door and up about 30 metres to the end of the street) is probably the quaintest and is well respected by locals.

Continue round the corner from there and up the road about 30 metres and you reach the famous provencal market with its stunning displays of food - colours and smells that excite the senses even before you get your discoveries home! (The local jams, though not cheap, are well worth sampling.)

Fromagerie at end of Rue Guillaumont - click for larger view
Fromagerie at end of Rue Guillaumont

About halfway down the market, if you turn left down Rue Sade you will after about 20 metres reach the other end of Rue Guillaumont. There is an excellent fromagerie (cheese shop) on one corner, and a boucherie (butcher's shop) on the other. Continue down Rue Sade and you will find several patisseries, delicatessens and other food shops to tempt you.

If you still lack some basics, there is a normal grocer's shop on the left before you reach Place Nationale (and supermarkets also close by). If you want to food shop for later, in Place Nationale you will find fish and seafood shops and just about anything else you might need.

The provencal market - click for larger view
The vibrant colours of the Provencal Market just round the corner from Les Trois Palmes

Antiques, art and provencal goods

Just one of many shops selling traditional provencal items
Just one of many shops selling traditional provencal items

After a stay at Les Trois Palmes, you might like to take a little bit of Provence home with you. There are many shops selling traditional tablecloths, crockery and ornaments in the Provencal style.

But check out the Bazaar close to the end of Rue Sade on Place Nationale - you might find some of the items cheaper there.

There are many antique shops around the Old Town. And, even if you are just browsing, it's fun to visit the antique and bric a brac street markets that appear regularly.
The terrace on the top floor - click for larger view
Antique market at Place Audiberti just down from the provencal market

The space in the Provencal Market is well utilised - in the afternoons it often hosts art and antique sellers, and even becomes a cark park in the evening.

Down Rue Sade and throughout the Old Town you will come across all kinds of shops selling art, crafts and other decorative items. Explore the narrow streets and see what you can find!

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