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ntibes is easy to get to from almost anywhere in Europe, making it an attractive choice for relatively short breaks as well as longer holidays. And, with the advent of budget airlines, it needn't cost much either.

Nice International Airport is just 15 minutes around the Baie des Anges (Bay of Angels) by car or taxi. Over 60 airlines fly to Nice from over 70 locations.

In the UK, for example, you can take direct flights from Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, East Midlands, Liverpool, Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted and Manchester. Other European countries are served equally well, and there are also direct flights from the US.

Booking your flights

Particularly if you know when you want to travel (you have already booked your stay at Les Trois Palmes perhaps!), you can easily check on all flights to Nice from the Nice Cote d'Azur Airport web site.

This will give you details on the airline and time for each plane arriving on the day you want to travel. You can then use the airline links also on this site to go to the web site of the airline operating the flight you are interested in to check on fares and to book. You can book your return flights the same way.


Perhaps you are not yet sure when you want to come, and want to check on availability and fares. There are, of course, many sites that allow you to search for flights, but a new one well worth recommending is skyscanner.net.

Here you can easily check on all flights to Nice operated by all airlines. But you don't have to specify any particular dates. In fact, you can even look at flights over a period of a whole month to find the cheapest. And for cities with more than one airport, such as London, you can either specify a particular airport or include all in the same search.

Combined with our fully up-to-date availability chart, you might be able to plan your break away from it all for less than you think!

From the airport to the house

You can get a taxi from outside Nice Airport to the house - depending on traffic, this will take about 15-20 minutes. Taxis from outside the airport cannot be regarded as very good value, however - the fare will typically be over 50 euros.

If you take one of these, it is important to stress when you state your destination as Rue Guillaumont that you wish to go to Old Antibes (Vieil Antibes - pronounced 'vee-ay ant-eeb') and not Juan-les-Pins (there is a major road called Boulevard Guillaumont there which often confuses drivers not intimate with the Antibes/Juan les Pins area).

Since the driver will probably not be local, it is perhaps best to ask them to drop you at the top of the market rather than actually outside the house. It is a very short walk from there to Les Trois Palmes. If there is any doubt, mention the Bar de la Tour (Tower Bar). View a map of this (PDF file, 103 kB).

Let us book a taxi

If desired, we would be pleased to book a taxi for you. The driver would greet you as you leave customs with a sign. In fact we prefer this, as the driver can also call ahead to inform our agent of your expected arrival time and help smooth your check-in. Rates vary depending on the number of people - for up to three it is about 36 euros.

The company we use also has a minibus which is particularly cost-effective and convenient for larger parties that would otherwise require two taxis.

From the airport by bus

There is also a frequent and reasonably fast (about 40- minute) bus service from the airport to Place de Charles de Gaulle, which is just a 5-10 minute walk from the house. Place de Charles de Gaulle is close to, but not actually at the bus station in Antibes. It is easy to identify as it is lined with orange trees.

The bus costs 7 euros and goes from immediately outside the airport at Terminal 1.

For extensive information on where to get the bus, timetables etc, visit antibes.co.uk, which also has information on other bus services and many pictures of and much information on Antibes!

For after you have arrived in Antibes, you can view a map (PDF file, 318 kB) of how to get to from Place de Charles de Gaulle to the house.

Direct flights to Nice airport - click for readable version
Routes to Nice airport. Click on the image for a larger view

Antibes by train

The French high-speed trains (TGV's) stop at Antibes Station, so Les Trois Palmes is just a few hours from Paris and other European cities. The house is 10-15 minute walk if you can handle your luggage, or a short-taxi ride. View a map (PDF file, 317 kB) showing the train station and Les Trois Palmes .

For details about trains to Antibes, see the French Railways (SNCF) web site and the TGV web site.

By car

Antibes is just a few kilometres from the main motorway running along the Cote d'Azur, the Provencale. You can also take the coast road, which runs around the Baie des Anges (Bay of Angels) from Nice, although you should be aware that this can get very busy, especially in summer and during rush-hour.

Whatever way you come, getting to Antibes and the Old Town is straightforward (just follow signs for Antibes and then Vieil Antibes).

Navigating the Old Town

If you are new to the area, however, you should bear in mind that the Old Town of Antibes has very narrow and labyrinthine streets and is partly pedestrianized. Most streets are one-way. You can drive outside the house - and probably park there - but we recommend that you view and print out our detailed maps and instructions regarding getting to the house and parking before you come!

Arriving for the first time after a long journey, you probably don't want to be driving round and round the Old Town trying to find the house or somewhere to park. You might want to drop off the luggage and others in your party near the house and go park nearby where you can sure to find a place. View a map (PDF file, 319 kB). This shows arriving from two different directions - Place de Charles de Gaulle and the Ramparts. See also the section below on parking.

Driving to the house

For the more adventurous - or after you have become somewhat more familiar with the streets, view a map (PDF file, 215 kB) of how to drive outside the house.

To follow this route, get to Place Nationale (drive up Rue Lacan) - then go up Rue Clemenceau and turn right into Rue Isnard (yes, you can get a car down there!). Go straight on over Rue Sade and you are in Rue Guillaumont.

You can also get to the street using the short street that runs up to the market from the boulangerie at the end of Rue Guillaumont, but it is narrow and one of the buildings sticks out at about car roof level, so you have to watch out for that.

You can also get out by driving down Rue des Bains and then Rue de Fersen and eventually you end up somewhere near the bus station after a nice little tour of the old town.


If you don't want to park outside the house, we recommend you use the car parks on the other side of the old wall from Boulevard d'Aguillon (shown as Pre des Pecheurs on the map (PDF file, 319 kB).

There are actually two car parks there - one (nearest the sea) is free most of the year and the other - generally a bit less busy - you have to pay for, but charges are reasonable. Space at Place Nationale is limited, and there are often markets that take up the space. Down by the post office (Rue Lacan) is also a reasonable option however.

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